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Galvenie » Video » Car Crash Compilations

Brainless Car Crash Compilations in 11 MINUTES !

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1 Denis   (22.04.2014 05:23)
I've considered a best of for New Genre. I don't know if it'll haeppn, but I'd see it as a chance to highlight stories that were overlooked. (The best ofs tend to reprint the most conservative stories I've published; from my point of view, that almost always meant the most impressive story was not reprinted.) With New Genre, since we publish horror and sf, I also considered a "best of horror new genre" type thing (easier to market). You might consider a theme: sex and horror in ST. A little trashy, I know.As for the nutcase author--I'd be in the same boat. It was just one, but the case was pretty extreme. You might consider pitching this project to another publisher. I have no idea if Chomu or Swan River or Tartarus or Ex Occidente would be interested, but it would take a lot off you if someone else did the design / printing, and you served just as an editor, writing an intro (and perhaps a history of ST). See if you couldn't get one of your better known authors to write an afterword.

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